Saturday, 18 April, 2009


  1. ढानमस्ते प्रकाश जी,
    आप का ब्लोग पढा. आप कि फ़िल्मो का तो पूरा हिन्दुस्तान ही दीवाना है. पर अब चम्पारन कि जनता के फ़ैसले का इन्तजार है. आप कि ईमानदारी और रचनाशीलता दांव पर है. कई सवाल है जिनके उत्तर आप को देने होगें. क्या चम्पारन कि जनता आप के लिखे ईन्गलिश ब्लोग को पढकर आप से जुड पायेगी . या राजनिती मे मलई खाने के दिन आगये है.

  2. Dear Prakash Sir,
    While working at the hospital in your flood relief camp in 22 RD Kataiya, I was fortunate to have as colleagues some local doctors from Bettiah and also the wonderful Anubhuti team.

    It is from these young men of Anubhuti that I learnt of your work in Bettiah.

    Especially about the dramatic day when you entered the local hospital, literally cleaned it up, actually working with your own hands, they told me.

    The hospital has since been adopted by you, and has undergone a transformation.

    Having known you as a student, and of course a member of the eternal “Damul’ fan club, it was interesting to know this totally different aspect of your life. (not surprising, however)

    I met many people from Bettiah who know you, your family.
    Those people respect you, love you and know that Prakash Bhaiji will bring a change to their lives.

    The tremendous work that you have done for the flood –affected people of Bihar has also earned you blessings and good wishes.

    Sephologists should make a new criterion for the analysis of Indian elections- The PRAYER index.

    Your people put you right at the top on that one; and so, I am predicting a landslide victory!

    Warm regards,
    Dr. Nadi Palshikar